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Gordon Allen, whose illustrations help bring our pages to life each month, fished Cold Spring Camp on the Matapedia in Quebec at the end of September last year. He had a wonderful experience that he thinks some fellow subscribers might want to enjoy. He writes:

"The salmon season on the Matapedia, which had for years ended on August 31, last year was extended through September. You couldn’t keep any big salmon, but you could keep grilse. There had been no bookings for September when I got to the camp on a painting/fishing trip, and I think I was the first person to fish Cold Spring’s seven miles of river that month. I went out with the head guide, Jackie, the first morning, hooked several salmon, released a 24-pound hen, and when I landed a grilse I kept it and quit fishing to do a painting of the fish while it was fresh. I finished the painting the following day at noon, went back to the river and in a few hours hooked and played several more salmon. The pool I fished was full of fish and they were taking. I’d never had such active salmon fishing.

"September can be a great month to be on the GaspĂ© Peninsula, and the September salmon fishing at Cold Spring is a heck of a resource that’s being overlooked. You can get more details by calling Jane Cleaves McKenna or faxing her.

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