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Our report in the January issue about the effect of pesticides on fishing in the Parismina River of Costa Rica has inspired a veritable landslide of phone calls and letters, many of them, we gather, generated by the owner of Rio Parismina Lodge. Others appear to be genuine shrieks of outrage at what is perceived as poor reporting on our part. Suffice it to say, the gist of all this feedback is everything’s fine on the Parismina itself and at the rivermouth.

We aren’t about to argue with eyewitnesses who tell us there are enough tarpon within convenient distance of Rio Parismina Lodge to create a quality fishing experience, and we are glad to hear it. Over the years, Rio Parismina Lodge has done a fine job of pleasing clients. Many frequent visitors actively prefer the place to any other in the country.

You can book a trip to Rio Parismina Lodge by callingthem. Just be aware, the lodge is for sale. It’s listed at Jardines Alfa Realty, located in the lobby of the Hotel Irazu in San Jose. The asking price is $550,000.

We have no reason to believe the sale of this lodge is related to a pesticide problem in the Parismina. In fact, we know it isn’t related. Moreover, we are taking a wait-and-see attitude on the whole idea of there being a significant pesticide problem. For the record, we did base our original report on two sources we trusted, and we haven’t abandoned our search for the truth. We’ll have more on this in a future issue.

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