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The Atlantic coast of Angola offers a surprise for anglers fishing for tarpon and giant African threadfin. South Africa based FlyCastaway is offering an intriguing trip to Angola’s Kwanza River, where it empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Fishing the rivermouth and surrounding ocean around the Kwanza, an angler can land tarpon and threadfin in addition to Jack Crevalle, dorado, sailfish and wahoo all with fly gear. November through April is the best time to fish for tarpon, which they say can be found from the rivermouth up to 80 kilometers upriver. From February through April, floating weedbeds wash out of the river and become a hangout for schools of dorado. According to the folks at FlyCastaway, a boat can land more than 40 dorado a day at this time. As for lodging, FlyCastaway houses anglers at the Kwanza Tarpon Lodge close to the river mouth.

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