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Mikhail Skopets Still in the Russian Far East, Skopets is a fish biologist who also guides fishermen, arranges trips, consults on environmental projects and writes about fishing. His web site is simple but provides a fascinating overview of over half a dozen rivers and the species you can catch in them. He formerly worked for the Wild Salmon Center and actively promotes catch-and-release fishing. Among the interesting places he covers on his web site are a couple of rivers in the Magadan region, where anglers can catch several species of salmon, and char, including an intriguing yellow-mouth char, as well as grayling. On Sakhalin, he offers fishing on the Tambovka river, and in the Primorski region he fishes what he says are sea-run taimen and Amur grayling on the Samarga River. This area is completely roadless and requires a helicopter flight.

I should close here with a reminder that I don’t have any first-hand information on the trips Skopets arranges, or how sophisticated his services may be. Also, Angling Report subscriber Martin Malmsten tells me he has heard good things about Skopets, although he has not done a trip with him.

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