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A new peacock bass fishing operation called Junglers Lodge is tentatively scheduled to open next season in the Amazon Basin in Brazil. Seems Marcelo Perez of Untamed Angling has his eye on this place, located on the Itapara River in the Roraima Province of Brazil, and he intends to add it to his growing menu of fishing destinations. Perez, of course, is the operator who pioneered the fishing program for golden dorado at La Zona in Argentina.

Junglers Lodge actually consists of two facilities. Groups of up to eight guests can fish here three days from each lodge. Perez says his plans are to allow clients to experience fishing in different areas while enjoying all the comforts that are available only from a fixed structure. He wants to set Junglers up as a fly fishing-only operation. Catch-and-release and the use of barbless hooks would be mandatory. Perez tells us the operation he envisions will be first class, featuring English-speaking guides, meals by internationally trained chefs, fine wines, simple logistics and high service quality, in addition to the chance to catch eight- to 20-plus-pound peacocks.

As this issue goes to press, we are hearing conflicting stories about the certainty of the deal Perez has put together. We’ll provide an update in the a future issue. In the meantime, for more information, contact Rodrigo Salles or Luciana Azcona. The Junglers Lodge web site was not functioning at press time but should be up and running by the time you read this.

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