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For guided backcountry fishing for wild cutthroats in Montana’s Bob Marshall Wilderness a company to contact is The Bob Marshall Wilderness Ranch (BMWR) based near the town of Seeley Lake in northwest Montana. BMWR has been in operation for 20 years, offering fully outfitted horseback pack trips into the Bob (as locals call the 1.5 million acre Bob Marshall Wilderness). There are no roads into the Bob. It can be accessed only on foot, on horseback or via fly-in. I personally have never fished the Bob, but I know several anglers who have. They tell me it is the experience of a lifetime, and that the fishing is fantastic.

I recently spoke with one of BMWR’s employees, George Dundas. He says their fishing expeditions run five to 10 days, with the season normally beginning around the first of July, depending on the weather, and continuing through August. Six to 10 guests can be accommodated. Everything is included in the package horses, meals and overnight accommodations, including nights at the ranch lodge as needed. They also provide transportation to and from the airport in Missoula. The ranch charges $345 per day for their wilderness fishing expeditions. For more information, visit their web site at; or call them at.)

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