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The next time you consider whether to use a booking agent or not on a trip outside the US, consider this incident. The note was sent to us by subscriber Carroll Mann: J. W. Smith of Rod and Gun Resources in Texas accompanied eight of us on a trout fishing trip to Chile this past January. A gala affair was planned for our last evening at the lodge. When we returned from fishing, however, we discovered that the housekeeper had stolen all of our cash about $4,000. The festivities had to be cancelled because of a police investigation. Well, we later broke out bottles of expensive wine and had our own ‘we-have-been-robbed’ party. J. W. immediately told us all not to worry, that he would send us a check the next week for the amount we had lost. He also said he would pay for our wine bill. To me, this goes way above and beyond the responsibilities of a booking agent. Here’s to J. W. Smith!

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