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In what we can only hope is not a sign of more to come, we have to sadly note the closing of John Eustice & Associates, a well respected booking agent in Portland, Oregon, which largely specialized in coldwater fishing in South America and Alaska. Eustice announced the closing in late March in a brief email which said, in part:

“After 20 years of serving the discerning traveling angler, I must sadly announce that I am closing our doors. Despite extraordinary efforts, I could not sustain the operation in the face of precipitous sales declines and our current economic crunch.

“I want to thank the countless wonderful friends I have made in my angler’s journey. The beautiful experiences of river, sea, mountain and fish could fill books. I have been blessed. Perhaps our paths may cross again on some lovely stream just in time to catch the hatch. Best regards and good fishing….”

The news here is not all bad, however, as Eustice’s long-time associate, Tim Purvis, has acquired the Eustice client lists and is in the process of setting up a new one-man (for now) operation called Andean Anglers LLC. As of this writing, the website is not yet functional, but the phone number is 503-703-7323.

Here at The Angling Report, we wish both John Eustice and Tim Purvis the best of luck in their future endeavors.

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