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Subscriber Gene Weber says he managed to escape the bustling beaches of Cancun for a day this past April to fish for tarpon with guide Martin van der Does from Cancun Tarpon Fishing. Though Weber didn’t catch any fish, he reports the trip is recommendable, with excellent equipment and good overall service. “Logistics were simple, pricing fair, and this was an easy commute – the marina was a mile from our hotel and the mangrove channels where we fished were 15 minutes from the dock. Martin was at the dock on time (6 a.m.), and we departed promptly after rigging up. I wish we’d seen more fish but conditions were not great and the area is close to a major population center. We did have two shots at visible baby tarpon. We also saw one snook but had no shot. Most of the fishing was blind casting into the mangroves. I brought my own rod but wound up using Martin’s when he said I needed to use a sinking line.”

(Postscript: Weber gives the cost of his full-day, eight-hour trip, lunch included, as $400, plus a $50 tip.)

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