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Subscriber Dudley Cunningham has good things to say about the guiding, food and lodging at Bahia Honda Sporting Club in the Florida Keys after a 4½-day stay there this past June 20 to 25. However, he’s not happy with the fishing he had. The problem was bad weather: “We had poor visibility, clouds, glare on the water,” Cunningham writes. “Wind was moderate overall, but some powerful storms drove us off the water.” He goes on to note that the storms cleared out on his last day at the club, giving him two hours of the kind of fishing he expected. In all, he says he had six tarpon bites.

Cunningham concludes that the lodge itself is “great” and the food “superb.” He calls the guiding “superior in all respects.” Nonetheless, he checks the “yes” and “no” boxes when it comes to recommending Bahia Honda. “With so few shots, I would recommend an earlier week if I go back,” he writes. He gives the cost of his trip as $4,800.

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