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In Iceland, you’ll recall that we asked several experts on the salmon fishing in Iceland this past December 2008 (Article ID: 2250) if the collapse in that tiny country’s banking-based economy would cause prices to fall. The general consensus seemed to be yes. Well, we’re still looking, but so far, it appears that Iceland’s best rivers are still pricey. Though the price in Euros has indeed fallen up to 30 percent in some cases, the relative strength of the Euro against both the Dollar and the Pound has eaten into the savings. A rod/day on a quality Icelandic river is still typically going for well over $1,000. Anything less than that is a shoulder-week bargain. Prime time on prime water can still cost much, much more than $1,000 a day. That said, Stefán Páll Ágústsson of Club Lax-a tells us that some of Iceland’s smaller, self-service rivers are going for as little as €120/day ($175 at this writing). So a bargain trip might be a possibility. Stay tuned.

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