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Subscriber Kenneth Spint reports that New Orleans and redfish have become something of a personal habit for him. Continuing subscribers will remember his reports on fishing this area with guide Bryan Carter (report ID 3994 and Report ID: 3983). Now, he’s sent us a report on his most recent trip this past November, when he fished three days with Kirby LaCour of Redchaser Charters. For lodging, he chose the Hotel Montelone in the French Quarter of New Orleans.

Spint tells he once again fished the marshes south of Point Sulfur to the Gulf of Mexico. “The fishing was brisk in the morning of the first day, and then it just shut down,” he writes. “This was the first time I’ve experienced something like this while fishing the New Orleans area. On the second day, a front moved in with high clouds, no sun, no visibility and strong winds (over 20 mph), so we quit early. The third day offered perfect conditions, and we encountered more fish than I could count; I caught in excess of two dozen.”

Spint reports that the fish he caught ranged from eight to 18 pounds. “The largest we saw were of moderate size; we didn’t see any of the really large fish (30- to 40-pound reds and blacks) that I have caught on previous trips.”

Regarding his guide, Spint tells us that LaCour is “…excellent, fun to be with and he really knew these waters – I believe he said he has been doing it for something like 17 years. His 17-foot Ranger flats boat is in excellent condition.”

In addition to the sightfishing, Spint lists as a highlight of his trip eating at fine restaurants such as GW Fins, Herbsaint and NOLA. “This was my fourth trip to New Orleans for fishing and I already have plans to return,” he writes.

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