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Our report about float fishing the Deschutes River in Oregon just got confirmation from another Angling Report subscriber. You’ll recall that in our May issue, in an And Finally report (see page 15), we published a letter from Bill Gibbs about float fishing the Deschutes River in Oregon. This month, subscriber Med Peck checked in with a report that confirms Gibbs’ positive assessment of this fishery. Peck describes his experience here as “…a fabulous float trip for steelhead on a beautiful river with great food and a guide who grew up fishing the river.” His outfitter was Brad Hanson, who works for River Borne Outfitters. They floated the Deschutes from Madras to Maupin, Oregon. “This was all wade fishing,” Peck tells us. “We would float to a run, get out and wade it, then move to the next run.”

In his three days of fishing, Peck reports catching two wild steelhead including a 34-inch fish on the first day and, later, a 30-inch fish. He also reports taking two hatchery fish measuring approximately 26 inches. Peck describes his guide as excellent in all regards. As to equipment, he says he used rods, reels, lines, leaders, flies and camping equipment supplied by the guide. “Everything was excellent,” he writes. “Hanson builds his own rods and provides all the flies. Using his tackle made travel easy.”

Peck notes that fishing here in November, which is when he fished, can be cold. You need to bring appropriate personal clothing, he says. He gives the cost of the overnight float trip as $300 per day, not including tip.

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