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Last month’s front-page report on the growing interest in kayak fishing inspired subscriber Robert Smaldone to drop us this note: “Just read your report on kayaks and thought you may want to check out Wavewalk Kayaks, which is based in Sharon, Massachusetts just outside Boston. The design of their kayaks is unique. They have a patented ‘W’ hull, much like a catamaran, and their web site is entertaining, especially all the videos.

“After researching and trying out both the Freedomhawk and the Native Watercraft ‘Ultimate 12’ fishing kayaks, I purchased a Wavewalk for fishing stripers and blues in Maine and tarpon and reds in Florida. In my mind, this is truly the only standup kayak out there. You actually walk onto it, sit down and paddle away. I was standing and jumping, trying to simulate one of the videos; no other kayak has this kind of stability. It’s a fly fisherman’s dream, period….”

Also, since our report appeared last month, still another “stand-up” fishing kayak (actually a large, apparently stable, paddle-board with a raised seat/casting platform) has come to our attention. It’s the Flatstalker, which the designers call a “Micro flats skiff.” Company headquarters are in Corpus Christi, Texas. The Flatstalker will accommodate an electric trolling motor.

If anyone has actually tried these, or any of the other fishing kayaks on the market, send us a report of what it’s like to fish from them. If we get enough response we’ll create a special forum on our website.

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