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Donny Beaver’s Homewaters Club ( has earned a rave review from subscriber Chris Dorsey, who happens to own a company called Orion Multimedia. Orion is one of the major producers of outdoor television shows, including the acclaimed Pirates of the Flats series starring Lefty Kreh, Tom Brokaw, Michael Keaton, Tom McGuane and Yvon Chouinard. The series highlights the work of Bonefish Tarpon Trust, the organization devoted to the scientific study and conservation of bonefish, tarpon and permit. Dorsey is on the board of Bonefish Tarpon Trust, and he visited Homewaters Club recently in connection with a BTT planning meeting. He has this to say about Homewaters Club:

“One of the best known angling membership destinations in the world is the famed Homewaters Club in central Pennsylvania. For those of you not familiar, Homewaters Club is the product of a 2009 joint venture between Spring Ridge Club in Pennsylvania and Alpine River Club in Colorado. Having visited Donny Beaver’s Spring Ridge destination many years ago when it was simply an idea – no significant infrastructure or amenities at that point – I had my reservations, as many efforts such as his have been attempted without much success. However, on a recent visit, I was stunned to see that his vision has not only come to life but it truly exceeds what I had imagined could be achieved. In addition to classic lodging with attention to detail that reinforces the angling experience, the setting is how an angler would dream of the ideal destination – meandering streams with hungry trout the dimensions of which normally only live in an angler’s imagination. If there is poetry to the fishing experience, Spring Ridge has achieved it with a celebration of all things angling.

I happen to own a private lodge in Montana on one of the state’s most famous waters, and I can only dream of offering guests what Donny has provided at Spring Ridge. From the outlandishly big trout to over-the-top, chef-prepared meals in a historically significant angling setting (the area is the fishing destination of many past presidents and dignitaries), Spring Ridge provides a storybook angling experience. The proximity of Spring Ridge to several major metro areas such as New York City, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, etc. has helped Donny Beaver attract many high-profile individuals to his club. These same folks are influencers who leave Spring Ridge echoing the need to protect more waters from development and exploitation that would threaten the fisheries. In my experience, no one champions a resource like those who savor it most, and it certainly doesn’t hurt to have well-connected individuals experiencing what a stream can deliver when tended to with care.

While I have not visited Donny’s other properties in Colorado, I am eager to see what awaits, as the reports that I’ve received indicate those properties match what I just experienced at Spring Ridge….
(Postscript: You can get more information on Pirates of the Flats and Bonefish Tarpon Trust by going to the BTT website at:

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