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Subscriber Robert Fox (Report No. 4199) tells us he fished for two weeks in early February from The Villages on a trip he booked through Fishabout (www.fishabout. com). He rates the accommodations as good, but he does note there was a bit of a supply problem that resulted in there being no bacon and eggs for breakfast. He calls the problem “nothing special” and says they had plenty of food overall. The rooms all have an air conditioner and a refrigerator, he says, and the lodge employees were pleasant and courteous. Fox says this was his second trip to the island: “Two years ago I had good to excellent fishing, but this year it was exceptional for all species, especially bonefish and GTs. We caught bonefish to 12 pounds, GTs in the 50-pound range, plus bluefin trevally, yellowfin tuna and reef fish.” Fox gives the cost of his trip as $2,195 for the week.

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