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Here is some good fly-fishing news from the Brazilian Amazon. It seems Agua Boa Lodge (www.agua has persuaded local authorities to declare the Agua Boa River a fly-fishing-only river. Here is how Jon Toft, European manager of the lodge, described the development in an e-mail last month:

“As many of you know, the owner of Agua Boa Amazon Lodge and the staff have been working continuously to protect and enhance the beautiful environment, the habitat and the fishery of the Agua Boa River and the surrounding area. As the New Year commenced, we received confirmation that all of this hard work and effort had resulted in some really positive news coming from the authorities of the State of Roraima (the state in which the Agua Boa River and the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge are located). Roraima environmental authorities (FEMACT) have signed a document that has now been entered into law, which states that the Agua Boa River (on the banks of which the Agua Boa Amazon Lodge is located) is a fly-fishing-only river. Henceforth, all other forms of fishing are prohibited.”

Agua Boa has been a fly-fishing-only lodge for some time, of course, but now at least that designation is official. The spread of this news will likely attract some new die-hard fly fishermen who have longed to fish the Amazon but only in the company of other fly anglers.

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