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So, what’s the latest on Tsimane, that exciting new golden dorado destination in Bolivia? It caught the eye of international anglers, you’ll recall, because it offers opportunities to catch a truly powerful freshwater species on a fl y in trout stream–like conditions. Tsimane won unanimous rave reviews from everyone who visited last year. Unfortunately, the excitement was tempered at the end of the season by word that a handful of anglers had come down with leishmaniasis, a disease transmitted by sand fl y bites. One Angling Report subscriber became very ill and, at last report, was still struggling with the disease.

At press time we contacted Rodrigo Salles, sales director of Untamed Angling (, the Argentinean company that developed Tsimane. He had this to say about the upcoming season in general and about leishmaniasis in particular:

“We are very excited about the 2011 season at Tsimane! We are 95 percent booked for the entire season, and we already have a waiting list for 2012. We have added a lot of fi shable waters at both camps, plus we have created a new place to stay at the headwaters of the Secure River. We have also installed a solar power generator and some small hydraulic turbines that will provide a much more stable power grid in the camps than last year.

“As for the problem of leishmaniasis, we have taken all possible preventive steps to protect anglers, not just from leishmaniasis, but from all of the tropical diseases that one might confront in this area. We are ready to launch a full season in 2011 with more than 250 anglers!”

Don Causey Note: If you fish Tsimane this year, do check in with a report afterward. Write doncausey@angling

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