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Still on the subject of stream dorado, Rod and Gun Resources (800-211-4753; /argentinasaltahunting/saltafishing .php) is gearing up to offer this kind of fishing in Salta Province in northern Argentina. Rod and Gun’s J. W. Smith wasn’t eager to talk about this fishery near press time because he is still making check-out trips. Suffice it to say, what little he did share with me was very interesting. Seems the roiling pot of possibility here involves a wealthy individual who has locked up access to several streams that are said to have smaller dorado (three to 15 pounds) year round, with bigger fish (15 to 25 pounds) on tap during the spawning period.

At present, the investor is building a lodge on a hill overlooking the rivers. Plans call for the construction of a number of roads leading to the river in a spoke-like manner. ATVs will be used to transport anglers to and from the rivers. In all, the investor owns more than 120,000 acres of land protecting both banks of some achingly beautiful streams. I can describe them this way because Smith directed me to a Web site with footage of anglers punching casts out over crystal-clear expanses of river. Indeed, the experience appears to mirror that provided by Tsimane. The only difference is that the terrain does not appear to be as difficult. Smith said he would be happy to direct interested anglers to the Web site he told me about; he just wants to talk to them first.

In coming months, we hope to have an on-site report about this fishing. In the meantime, if you want to be among the first to fish there, you can count on spending around $700 a day. Clients will be accepted starting this fall, according to Smith. Tentatively, the annual schedule will see anglers on the rivers September through December, then again in March and April.
Stay tuned for an update.

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