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Subscriber Jeffrey Briggs is very pleased with a week of steelhead fishing in British Columbia this past October handled for him by Suskeena Lodge, booking agent Sweetwater Travel ( in Montana. Briggs gives all aspects of this trip excellent ratings, noting that the typical day saw anglers hooking three fish per day and landing two. "These were all large fish", he writes. "My largest fish weighed 28 pounds. The largest for the group as a whole weighed 31 pounds."

Briggs says he used Spey rods exclusively on this trip, with T-14 tips and weighted flies. “We were very lucky and had no rain during the week,” he reports. “The water was high, however, because the week before there was torrential rain for three days. The previous anglers had blown-out conditions for their entire week!”

The only problem Briggs notes is one that developed as they were leaving. "Our Cessna Caravan was unable to get in because of low ceilings," he writes. "We were given the option of waiting another day or chartering two helicopters. We elected to hire the helicopters for an additional cost of $800 per angler. Of course, this was not the lodge’s fault, and they credited us the $400 that they would have spent on the Caravan."

Briggs gives the cost of his trip, excluding airfare, as $5,400. "Outstanding food, comfortable lodge, and accommodating staff", he says in conclusion."If you want to catch big steelhead, this is the place for you."

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