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Subscriber Jeffrey Stang was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the redfish he caught in the saltwater marshes near Venice, Louisiana, this past October with Captain Miles LaRose of Shallow South (

“The size and number of fish were indeed a pleasant surprise,” he writes. “We landed fish at 19 pounds, three at 22 pounds, two at 26 pounds, and one at 33 pounds. We had many shots at fish in the 20- to 30-pound range.”

Stang says he had excellent sun and wind conditions his first two days, but a front moved through late the second day. Wind on the third day made the area unfishable. “It was blowing 25 to 30 miles per hour,” he writes. “We could not find clear or safe water to fish.”

Stang gives LaRose excellent marks for his guiding service and goes on to note that there are definite advantages to fishing near New Orleans. “You stay right in New Orleans for this fishing, in the central business district, and the guide picks you up at your hotel,” he writes. “There is a lot to do in New Orleans.” He says the total cost for his three-day trip was about $1,500. He recommends the experience to fellow subscribers.

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