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U.K. booking agent Justin Maxwell Stuart of Where Wise Men Fish ( asked us to pass along word of a new lodge he is booking on the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. He is going to offer one lucky Online Extra subscriber a chance to go fishing there FREE this coming season, so upgrade your subscription now to Online Extra before our invitation goes out. You can do so on our Web site, Stuart had this to say about the lodge.

“From a European and specifically a U.K. perspective, salmon anglers are typically used to fishing private water with limited rod numbers on any given pool. And this was an aspect of the Miramichi that to date was not well catered to by the existing lodges and local Miramichi outfitters.

“As an outfitter I was delighted to see a lodge being established that specifically caters to anglers who are looking for this sort of privacy and exclusivity. It’s called the Old River Lodge, and it sits on the banks of the Miramichi by Blissfield, near Doaktown, New Brunswick. Old River Lodge has either bought outright or taken exclusive leases on not just large stretches of the river, but, importantly, on some of the best pools on the river, including a number of cold water spring pools, which are key to holding the fish during the summer.

“The lodge is looking to establish itself as the place to fish on the Miramichi, where guests will benefit from not just excellent pools, but privacy to fish those pools with very strict controls on rod numbers, which are typically limited to a maximum of two rods per pool. During a week, guests rotate around all available water, ensuring maximum variety of pools covered and therefore a more encompassing experience.

“The lodge consists of the existing ‘Old River Lodge,’ which is being fully refurbished for the 2012 season, and three large chalets for two anglers each with individual bedrooms. The lodge will serve a maximum of 10 guests.

“As I am sure you are aware, the fishing on the Miramichi during the past two seasons has been exceptional with very strong runs of fish beginning in June and running almost unabated until mid-September. Where Wise Men Fish is delighted to support what we hope is the cream of the fishing available on the Miramichi with an ethos that is in keeping with the other international migratory fish destinations to which we offer trips.”—Justin Maxwell Stuart,[email protected].

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