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In the same note about Lago Leonero, Lauzanne included a couple of blurbs about places to fish in Croatia and Bosnia, as well as one in Poland. U.S. anglers who travel are making a mistake overlooking foreign agents. They not only know about good angling in their home countries, but because of different historical ties, they also have knowledge about and entree to fishing that is simply not on the radar screen of U.S. agents. Witness the following opportunities.

“Fishing in Croatia and Bosnia is getting very popular now in Europe,” Lauzanne writes. “Both countries have many rivers to offer, such as Gacka, Klokot, Ribnic, Pliva, Una, Unac, Kupa, and Kupica. These rivers have fly-only and catch-and-release areas full of trout and grayling. These two countries are now 100 percent safe if you do not go off the beaten track (there are a few land mines remaining in certain remote areas). The people are friendly and the accommodation standards are also quite good. We have been organizing trips to these countries for seven years. We only do a few trips each season in spring and autumn. They are always guided by a member of our company who organizes a program according to the fishing conditions. Prices, from Zagreb, start at €1,500 for seven nights, six days of fishing.

“Over in Poland, there are two famous rivers, San and Dunajec. Both have fly-only and catch-and-release areas. I have not personally fished Dunajec but I know it is a good river for trout, along with some grayling and a few huchos. The San River, in the south of Poland near the Ukrainian border, is a very impressive stream. The no-kill stretch located just below a dam is six kilometers (three and a half miles) long. The river is very shallow (less than one meter—about three feet) and up to 80 meters (approximately 80 yards) wide. It is possible to wade almost all of it. The San is full of nice size trout and grayling with a few huchos in the deeper sections. It is a fantastic place for dry fly fishing. The fishing is not easy, however, requiring the use of very small flies and thin tippets. It poses a very interesting challenge for the fly angler. Prices, from Krakow, start at €1,080 for seven nights, with six days of fishing, guide, and car rental included.”—Olivier Lauzanne, [email protected].

Don Causey Note: A place on our Honor Roll awaits anyone who fishes these rivers and files a useful report for fellow subscribers. The same goes for anyone fishing Lake Leonero in Cuba. See page two for more details on our Subscriber Honor Roll.

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