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Subscriber Ike Krasts says he caught a 36-pound redfish on a fly this past October with Capt. Blaine Townsend in Louisiana (, which allowed him to cross a trip off his personal bucket list. He writes:

“I was all set to fish with Capt. Blaine Townsend this past October when he called me the day before I was to leave to advise me not to come because a cold front was expected. I decided to go anyway. I was able to fish three of the four days and Blaine did not charge me for the un-fishable day. What a guy! The highlight of the trip was a 36-pound redfish (certified scale) that took more than an hour to bring in on a 10-weight rod with a 20-pound tippet. Mission accomplished!”
Krasts highly recommends Blaine, noting his willingness to forgo a booking because of the arrival of a cold front. “I don’t know any other guide who would forgo a booking, at no charge, based on a long-term weather forecast,” he writes. “And, remember, he did not charge me for the un-fishable day, either.”

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