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Subscriber Samuel M. George gives a thumbs-up to his trip to the Tunulik/Lagreve River in Nunavut handled for him by Arctic Adventures ( this past September. George says the area he fished is 14 to 22 miles inland from Ungava Bay. He calls the fishing for native and sea-run brook trout and sea-run Arctic char “awesome,” noting his catch included three native brook trout weighing between 10 and 12 pounds and at least 125 more brookies that weighed between two and eight pounds. He says the fishing was 90 percent wade fishing and 10 percent floating and drifting. He says he used a 7-wt. fly rod mostly with a sinking-tip line. The best flies were chrome Clousers and streamers and Chernobyl ants tied on no. 6 to 8 hooks.

George gives the cost of his trip as $5,200, which included two overnights in Montreal and airfare on First Air from Montreal to Kuujjuaq and Kuujjuaq to camp. He calls this a “good deal” and recommends the experience to fellow subscribers, noting the Tunulik/Lagreve River is fished only three weeks a year by six fishermen per trip.

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