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Subscriber Kenneth Spint has weighed in with a report on Baja Anglers ( in Cabo San Lucas, a company that received some less-than-favorable comment in last month’s issue (See pages 11 and 12 in the July issue). Spint gives the company all good marks and
notes he had plenty of action on the fly (10 to 12 hook-ups per day, with most of those resulting in landed fish) during the three half-day charters he booked, mostly with skipjack tuna and Sierra mackerel. Unfortunately, roosterfish were not around during his visit, he says.

He says the only problem during his stay was rolling seas that made it difficult for him to cast accurately to the teaser. “It took me until the second day to figure out how to position my fly line on the deck and achieve enough stability to cast without falling out of the boat,” he writes. “In
all honesty, I probably should have had a life preserver on. Don’t get me wrong, however; I enjoyed the fishing. I would recommend Baja Anglers to a friend. A great bonus of the trip was having plenty of fresh mackerel. Smoked and as ceviche, it was the best-eating fish I have ever had. Still, when I return to Baja, I think I will try East Cape, where the seas are said to be less rough.”

Spint gives the cost of his fishing as $420, plus an 11 percent tax, per half-day charter. He says he stayed in San Jose Del Cabo, where the nonfishing spouse activities available include beach life, great local restaurants, and an Art Walk every Thursday night in the historical section of town. He does note the drive to the marina each morning took 25 minutes

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