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Here’s something to note if you are shopping for a Yucatan fishing trip based in the town of Punta Allen. Seems a fishing operation has popped up there with a name—Club Grand Slam—that is very similar to that of another lodge in the village, namely, Grand Slam Fishing Lodge. We don’t know if the use of a similar name is a deliberate effort to confuse clients, but that’s the effect it is having.

For the record, if you want to book the very upscale lodge we wrote about in these pages—the one that Bobby Settles, formerly with Casa Blanca, is managing—you want to book Grand Slam Fishing Lodge ( If you want to book with an operation that utilizes freelance guides and houses anglers in a block of rooms built by a local merchant, then the operation you want is Club Grand Slam (

We don’t know how much business Grand Slam Fishing Lodge has lost to Club Grand Slam, but Settles says he knows at least one of his clients has mistakenly booked the wrong place. “When he showed up at our place thinking that his stay was paid for, he was disappointed, to say the
least,” Settles says. “He was even more disappointed when he found out Club Grand Slam was not going to refund his money.”

Has anyone else booked the wrong lodge in Punta Allen? Let us know at [email protected]. And do spread the word about this problem to friends and fellow anglers

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