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“I have fished with Capt. Greg Dini twice now, once for three days out of Carrabelle, Florida, where the quarry was tarpon, and once last January for bull reds in Biloxi Marsh south of New Orleans. I made the latter trip with a fishing buddy, Ned Lynch. Our days with Greg in Biloxi Marsh were concurrent with several other fishing buddies’ time at Woodland Plantation ( with Capt. Bryan Carter. The guys at Woodland really enjoyed the conviviality and convenience of returning nightly to the plantation, dining and partying there while also catching some nice reds. Ned and I stayed in New Orleans, where I lived for four years while attending medical school at Tulane. I enjoy New Orleans. We had our choice each night where we would get grilled oysters (I recommend the Acme Oyster Bar) and, of course, we had the New Orleans music scene to enjoy when we felt awake enough to participate. We were rained out one day, which gave us one full day in the city. That was great but I would rather have been fishing.

“Greg Dini picked us up early each morning (he lives in New Orleans) for the 45-minute drive to his boat. We’d stop at his chosen restaurant each morning for breakfast (fairly routine but good food). While we were there each morning, we ordered sandwiches for lunch. The drive was easy enough and the fishing was great. I hear that Bryan Carter tells far better jokes than Greg Dini, however, and I missed the opportunity to share in the evening banter over at Woodland Plantation. I am returning to fish with Greg Dini election week this year and would love to fish with Bryan Carter at some future time. Hope this report helps fellow subscribers. Enjoy!”

Postscript: Woodland Plantation is an elegant antebellum plantation home along Highway 23, the road that takes you from New Orleans to Venice, Louisiana, the departure point for fishing trips around the mouth of the Mississippi River. Anglers who stay at Woodland Plantation don’t typically fish the mouth of the Mississippi River, but the so-called west side of the river. It’s good fishing, and with the right crowd in town, Woodland Plantation can be a fun place to stay. An old church next door (part of the Woodland Plantation complex) has been converted to a restaurant. The food is good, and the atmosphere can be downright fishing lodge–like. Basing a New Orleans–area fishing trip out of Woodland Plantation instead of New Orleans can provide a nice change of pace for returning anglers. Ask your guide about this option.

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