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Subscriber Ben Rader has good things to say about a sailfishing trip to Iztapa, Guatemala, handled for him in February 2012 by Niels Erichsen of Pacifica Fins, booking agent Scott Ruprecht of Sportfishing Worldwide ( Rader says he caught a number of sailfish using conventional trolling methods, but he also landed two on the fly. In all, he says he had seven shots at sailfish on the fly. “It was very exciting watching the crew tease sailfish to the boat and then trying to entice them to take your fly. This trip was a real bucket list kind of outing for me. The idea of catching a sailfish on the fly has intrigued me for quite a while.”

Rader singles out owner Niels Erichsen for special praise, noting he is “serious about his resort. He makes things happen for you. He has his hands in everything. He talks to his clients and even takes their dinner orders. He does all the things that make a trip go well. I highly recommended this trip.”

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