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Subscriber Larry Pierce says his trip to Becharof Rapids Camp in Alaska ( provided the best silver on the fly fishing he has found in the 20-plus rivers he has fished in Alaska and on the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia. Moreover, at $2,400, he feels this is the best bargain in Alaska. “I would go back even if this was a $5,000 trip,” he writes.

Becharof Rapids Camp is located on the Egegik River in the Bristol Bay region below the outlet of Becharof Lake. Anglers here fish the Egegik River just a few miles above saltwater in freshwater. “The fish are in great shape, chrome-bright with sea lice,” according to the camp’s Web site. “The section of the Egegik River that we fish is always clear and always able to be fished. It never blows out or gets dirty so don’t worry about the old ‘you-should-have-been-here-last-week’ excuse. It is always good fishing when the camp is open.”

Pierce says his take here was 20 to 30 silvers a day ranging in weight between eight and 12 pounds. He fished mostly by wading, using an Orvis Helios 9-foot, 8-wt. rod. The flies of choice were 1/0 and 3/0 small bead head salmon streamers in pink, pink/white, and purple. “You just wear yourself out here catching fish,” Pierce says. “I cannot recommend this place highly enough.”

Postscript: Pierce does not describe the lodging and food available at Becharof Rapids Camp, and the company’s Web site is also devoid of information about those two things. Subscribers who care about such things may want to make special inquiry at time of booking.

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