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Striped bass populations are on their way down, but here is a chance to fish for them in Massachusetts this spring that comes with the ancillary benefit of providing an affordable way to visit Martha’s Vineyard. Conservationist, striper guide, and saltwater fly rodder extraordinaire Art Howe is offering interested anglers the chance to share a house he has rented on Martha’s Vineyard for $175 per person, per night for two persons or more; $199 per person, per night for a single party. The fee includes pick up and drop off at the Martha’s Vineyard ferry dock, three meals a day, all transportation on the island, and lodging, plus semiguided fly, light tackle, or surf fishing. Only alcohol and tackle is not included. The house will be available between June 7 and June 17.

“I’ve been fishing Martha’s Vineyard for 16 years, guiding for 10, and I welcome the opportunity to show off this special place, some of the natural history, the wonderful conservation properties, and the fishing,” Howe writes in a press release we received near press time. “All fishing will be by wading, usually on stable sand. The pace and fishing will be customized to meet your desires.”

Angling Report editor Don Causey fished with Howe last spring on Martha’s Vineyard, and he gives the experience a qualified thumbs-up. “We didn’t catch a lot of fish, but that was not Howe’s fault,” he writes. “We waded some great-looking spots, caught some blues and even one small striper. There were just not a lot of fish around. The real attraction was the house Howe has rented for many years now (think Thoreau’s cottage with all the modern conveniences) and the chance to experience Martha’s Vineyard. Howe knows the island well and all its lore and history. My wife was along and she enjoyed the experience as much as I did. But then she is flexible, always up for an adventure, and doesn’t mind helping out as if she were at home. A pickier spouse who doesn’t like to fish and is uncomfortable with a bit of bachelor-type clutter will not be a happy camper. Bring a fishing buddy instead. The two of you will enjoy it and learn a lot about stripers and fishing for them.”

Howe says a deposit for one night of lodging is required per person. Make your check payable to Arthur Howe III. And do note his cancellation policy: you will get your money back only if your reservation is filled by someone else. More details are available from Howe at [email protected].

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