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Subscriber Richard Hertz says all is well at Casa Blanca Lodge, one of the longest-running fishing lodges on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico. Located on an island in Ascension Bay, Casa Blanca is ideally situated to fish both Ascension Bay and Espiritu Santo Bay to the south. A turnover in management at the lodge a while back caused some concern that the high standards would slip.

Not so, says Hertz, who fished there this past June 7–12. He says all was good on the accommodations and food side of things, and the fishing was fine. “We caught lots of bonefish, mostly three pounders but also some up to five pounds,” he writes. “The tarpon we caught were mostly on the small side but we did take a couple that weighed 60 pounds. Two permit were caught during the six days I was there. As for the staff and food, they were excellent and the guides competent. I thought the rooms were excellent for a Yucatan lodge, but I was told they are going to be renovated this summer. All rooms were air conditioned and right on the beach. One of the great things about the lodge is its location: you can just walk out of the lodge onto your boat and be fishing in 15 minutes. The location also allows you to go to lagoon areas on windy days and still find very good fishing. We did just that one day during my visit.”

Hertz does not say if he booked this trip himself or worked with an agent. He says the total cost was $4,000. The Web address of the lodge is

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