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Are the floodgates on U.S. travel to Cuba about to be lifted? There are indications that may be about to happen, as witness a report on Public Radio near press time that Tampa, Florida, is jockeying for position against Miami to be the primary travel gateway to Havana. And here is another indication. Recently, the International Game Fish Association sent a three-man delegation to Cuba for the third straight year to promote the use of circle hooks in the world-famous Ernest Hemingway International Billfish Tournament. The delegation members included IGFA president, Rob Kramer, board member, Dr. Marty Arostegui, and conservation director, Jason Schratwieser. The group scored a home run on the adoption of circle hooks, and Schratwieser managed to get in a few days of flats fishing with Avalon (, the leading provider of saltwater fly fishing services in Cuba. He fished the north coast of Cuba, as well as Cayo Largo, and he gives the experience a very positive review. Space limitations make it impossible to run that review this month, but we are slating it for publication next month.

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