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Subscriber Jeff Romero tells us he fished Argentine Patagonia this past February for brown and rainbow trout with Andes Drifters (, personal guide Gonzalo Martin. Romero says he spent four days wading the Malleo and four days floating the Middle Limay. “Most of the trout we caught would have been fish-of-the-week in Montana,” Romero writes. “It got to the point that if you caught an 18-inch rainbow, you looked at it, said, ‘Nice fish,’ and let it go with little fanfare.”

Romero is very pleased with the guides on this trip, noting that they were all bilingual and fun to be with it, as well as expert on the local waters. “The Middle Limay is a big river, and most of the people in our group caught their biggest fish there,” Romero writes. “I caught my biggest fish – a brown – in a riffle in the Malleo while wading.”

Romero’s only complaint about the trip is regarding the high winds that prevailed during his visit. He says the wind made the fishing challenging some days, though it was always manageable. Ultimately, he recommends his trip to fellow subscribers, putting the cost of it at $5,000 for eight days of fishing.

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