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Rebuttal comment: Subscriber Mark Comora has asked to weigh in on Abaco Lodge in the Bahamas, which was the subject of a generally negative review in the June issue (see pages 9 – 10). Comora writes:

“I have been a subscriber for many years, and it is not my nature to write in about my personal fishing experiences. However, I feel I must respond to the June 2013 report that had some less-than- positive things to say about Abaco Lodge and guide Marty Sawyer. While I accept everything that was said in the article, it should be noted that less-than- ideal experiences are possible at any lodge. Based on my visits to Abaco Lodge, what was described in your report was very unusual for this facility. I have fished Abaco Lodge many times and I can assure everyone that there are plenty of fish in and around the lodge. Yes, I have had two-fish days at Abaco Lodge, but most of my days there have been double-digit days. My high for a two-day visit was about 60 fish.

“As for guide Marty Sawyer, he is one of the best bonefish guides at work today. I hate to say this publicly because it may mean I have more difficulty getting Marty when I want him. I agree that Marty moves around quite a bit to find fish, but this is what I want in a guide. I know that if there are fish around, Marty will find them. His knowledge of the Marls is excellent, and this is what is needed, especially on challenging days.”

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