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Subscriber William Boyle gives a rave review to Capt. Greg Peterson of Head Shot Charters ( after four days of tarpon fishing with him in Tampa Bay this past May. He says the fishing was marred by high wind but he still struck seven tarpon, five of which stayed on until they jumped at least once. He says all of the fish weighed between 100 and 150 pounds. “It was too rough to stand on the deck the first day,” Boyle writes, “and the wind kept right on blowing through day two, three, and four. But we saw huge numbers of tarpon every day, and the ones we saw were ready to eat. The visibility was great.”

Boyle says Peterson has not been licensed long (only 12 months), but he’s the best tarpon guide he ever fished with. “In all, I’ve fished with him seven days, and I recommend him to fellow subscribers. He charges $600 a day for his guide service.” Don Causey Note: Has anyone else fished for tarpon in Tampa Bay recently? The numbers and the size of the tarpon Boyle reports seeing are noteworthy. Write [email protected].

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