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Remember our report in the September 2012 issue about a group of eight anglers who booked a trip to the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia in 2012 with an outfitter named Larry Bryant? Seems Bryant called the anglers just days before their planned departure to inform them that his plane had broken down and he was rescheduling them to fish a river just 20 minutes from Petropavlovsk, the major international arrival city for travelers in that region. One of the anglers, subscriber Jared Hermann, looked into the river Bryant wanted them to fish and discovered that it did not even contain rainbow trout. The entire group promptly cancelled their trip and turned to the Fly Shop, which helped them put together a very successful trip. Bryant, to date, has not refunded any of the anglers the deposit they paid on their trip. The new development here is, Hermann tells us some hunters have now contacted him about hunts in Alaska and Russia that have gone off the rails as badly as his fishing trip did. In all, he says he has heard from three hunters. Hermann says he is not about to forget the money he lost in his Larry Bryant fiasco. He’s filing a lawsuit, he says, and he would love to hear from any other anglers who have been hurt by Bryant and want to join his suit. Hermann’s e-mail address is: [email protected]. Please copy us on anything you send Jared Hermann. Write [email protected].

Don Causey Note: Apropos of the above report, note also the page 1 report in this issue outlining how sportfishing in Kamchatka is organized. Most trips to Kamchatka come off wi thout a hitch. It is emerging as one of the great trout destinations of all time. Work with an established operator and enjoy this fishery!

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