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Subscriber H. D. Adams is very pleased with his weeklong fly fishing trip this past May at Paradise Lodge (800-669-3474; on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, booked by the Fly Shop (, the exclusive booking agent for that lodge. He writes:

I fished in a variety of areas, including Chetumal Bay, Espiritu Santo Bay, and nearby lakes. Bonefish were abundant on the flats, and I saw many one to three pounders. The run to the bays was quite long each day, but the trips were very scenic. I consider them a highlight of the trip. The younger guys did this every morning, but after a couple days, I stayed and fished in the lakes. These lakes are connected to open water by cenotes, or underground passages, and they contain snook and tarpon.

“Lodge owner Alex De Tomaso was a super host, and I greatly enjoyed my stay at the lodge. In the afternoons, I swam, read, and relaxed. The guides were very capable overall, although communication with them was limited mostly to basic things like the distance and position of fish. The staff at Paradise Lodge was very willing to let us design our own schedule. There were a lot of activities available for nonfishing companions, by the way, including snorkeling, shopping, and exploring nearby Mayan ruins.”

Postscript: The Paradise Lodge Web site gives the cost of a weeklong stay with six days of fishing as $3,595 single room and boat; $2,595 double occupancy in room and boat.

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