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Largemouth bass are assuredly not the number-one species on most Angling Report subscribers’ target lists, but we just found a company in Texas that provides an interesting bass-related service that may be of interest to some of you. Private Water Fishing is a membership service that offers its members exclusive access to private, lightly fished bass lakes in Texas and Oklahoma. When you book a location to fish, you and your party will be the only ones fishing that lake for the day.

The owner of the company, Steve Alexander, tells us the company has been around for 14 years and currently has a membership of about 500. Members pay a $200 fee to join, plus annual dues of $285 and lake-access fees that range from $55 to $175 per day depending on which of the company’s 64 lakes you fish. Teenagers 13 to 17 fish at half price, and children under 12 fish for free. Most of the lakes are between 20 and 40 acres in size, and most of them have two-person johnboats available, Alexander says. A few have larger boats equipped with motors. Private Water Fishing also offers accommodations at some lakes. These range from simple cabins to roomier guesthouses with full amenities, at costs ranging from around $100 to $200 per night.

Alexander says that the value of his service is rooted in the quality of the bass fishing he has on tap. “Public lakes are often overfished,” says Alexander, “but our lakes see very little pressure, and we build in rest days. We also work to improve the lakes by doing such things as introducing forage species. Many of the lakes are managed for big bass and have largemouth bass from five to 13 pounds.”

Alexander says some of the lakes he has access to are overpopulated and need to have fish harvested. A moderate bag limit is allowed on those lakes, while other so-called premier lakes are strictly catch and release. According to Alexander, only about 50 percent of his lakes are booked at any one time, even during the busiest seasons, so member access is not a problem.

Interestingly, Alexander says about 20 percent of Private Water Fishing members are fly fishermen. Some of them target ancillary species such as bluegills, crappies, and catfish. Alexander said interested subscribers should get in touch with him at 214-871-0044. The Web address is Enjoy! Postscript: If you fish with the company, be sure and file a report! Write don [email protected].

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