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Our report in the April issue about the continuing baggage problems anglers are having with airlines jarred loose some interesting comment, including the following from a subscriber whose name we don’t have permission to use: “Baggage problems on fishing trips? Not me. I’m letting the lodge owner or outfitter completely outfit me on many of my trips. They usually do it at no charge, thus saving me money on checked bags and saving wear and tear on my equipment. I don’t check anything at all on some of my trips.”

Is anyone else doing this? A wholesale move in this direction by anglers who travel would not be good news for tackle-makers. Maybe it’s time for the big boys in angling travel to step up to the plate and help solve the escalating baggage problems anglers are having. Not being allowed to bring a travel rod into the passenger cabin, for example, is just ridiculous. The prohibition is just earning airlines more money. It’s not making anyone safer. Feedback of any sort is welcome. Write: [email protected].

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