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Have you or anyone you know been charged a special import tax on “excess” fishing reels by Mexican Customs Agents? Mexican regulations apparently allow the free temporary import of only four reels. Any reels over that number are subject to an import tax. An Angling Report subscriber, whose report we are assessing now, was just levied a tax of $80 on four “excess” reels he took with him on a trip to Baja. Here at The Angling Report, we have received occasional reports over the years about this tax being levied, but not in many years.

Our concern is the latest incident may indicate that a new wave of levies is on the way. Feedback from anyone who has been charged this tax would help us determine if that is so. In the meantime, if you are headed to Mexico on a fishing trip you may want to note that taking more than four reels with you may subject you to a tax. Send your feedback to: [email protected].

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