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Subscriber Barry Leeds has checked in with reports on two trips that are a bit out of the ordinary. The first was what he calls an affordable Atlantic salmon trip to the Southwest Miramichi River in New Brunswick, Canada. No, this was not a typical fall trip; it was a spring trip in late April to Country Haven Salmon Lodge ( html). Leeds says he has been making annual trips here for the last 14 years, and almost all of them have produced strong, high-jumping salmon. “Re¬ports that we received from opening day and week were great,” he writes, “but things started to slow down one or two days before I arrived on April 22nd for five days of fly fishing. Air and water temperatures got colder each day I was there. The water level started dropping, too, and so did the number of hook-ups I was getting. We fished three days with wind gusting upwards of 40 mph and temperatures just above freezing. It was so difficult to fly cast at times that I was forced to back troll flies downstream. I still caught some beautiful salmon that ranged in size from 35 to 42 inches long. In fact, I averaged three to four per day. They fought hard with lots of jumps. I fished mostly with my own smelt imitation flies, which are also sold at the lodge and at Fredericton Outfitters, In Fredericton, New Brunswick.
“As for Country Haven Salmon Lodge, it’s a great place to stay and fish. Byron is a terrific host and Derick did well again this year as my guide under difficult conditions. After three days of brutal weather, my aging body just couldn’t take the strain, so I called my wife (who is a travel agent) and told her to get me out of there. Byron’s wife drove me to the airport the next morning and I was back in sunny warm Florida for dinner. One nice thing about the lodge policy is that they will pick you up at the airport and drive you back there at the end of your trip. Spring Atlantic salmon fishing is a ritual for me, and this was the first time in 14 years that weather forced me out. The lodge rate for room, board, and private guide and boat was a reasonable $400 per day because of the favorable exchange rate.”

Barry Leeds says his second recent trip was to Lake George in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. He went there in early August to deep troll for landlocked Atlantic salmon. “Lake George is my former home water,” he writes. “It is a 200-foot-deep, 32-mile-long clear lake created by glaciers way before my time. It has a warm water and cold water fish¬ery. The warm water species include smallmouth and largemouth bass, which can be caught on bait, jigs, and streamers.
The cold water species are lake trout, landlocked salmon, and rain¬bow trout. Anglers seeking bass can fish on their own with a trailered or rented boat. For deep-water trolling, I recommend Capt JJ’s Rodbender Charter (; interested fellow subscribers need to note that he books up early. He offers four-hour, six-hour, and all-day charters. The salmon fishery has really come back of late, with many five-, six- and seven-pound landlocked salmon being caught. I was on a family vacation this year and only had time for a four-hour charter, on which I caught salmon and rainbow trout. I also arranged for a three-day pontoon boat rental from Bolton Landing Boat Rentals. We caught lots of bass up to five pounds. I forgot to mention that Capt. JJ can also book fishing packages with motel and cabin rentals included. He also offers nightly bass charters that are popular. Lake George is about four hours from New York City and/or Boston and about an hour from Albany. The country is beautiful and there are lots of other attractions in the Adirondacks, including fly fishing in rivers and ponds. Enjoy!”

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