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Subscriber John Euard has checked in with a report on a salmon fishing trip to Alaska that will appeal to adventurers and do-it-yourselfers. His trip this past July was to the Misty Fiords area of Tongass National Forest where he stayed in a US Forest Service cabin. “The cabins rent for $35 to $45 per night,” he writes. “Be aware they are very basically furnished with a stove, four bunk beds, and an outhouse. The real cost of the trip is a float plane into and out of the lake where you land, along with the cost of the food and drink you have to buy in Ketchikan to keep you going at the cabin.” Euard goes on to note that there are lots of cabins available in the Misty Fiords area, but if you want one that is particularly good for salmon fishing you have to reserve it as early as February. The cabins are on a first-come, first-served basis, he says. The best time to catch the salmon run is late July to mid-September. He says his group exercised the option to rent an outboard motor to get around easier. “We took it in the floatplane with us, along with all the food and drink we needed,” he writes. “In all, our group caught more than 100 salmon weighing up to 15 pounds. The weather was in the 60s most of the time, with at least some rain every day. As for how we fished, we float-fished, wadefished, trolled, and cast utilizing fly and spinning equipment” In a follow-up call near press time, Euard told us his group used Seawind Aviation ( in Ketchikan to get into the lake. He had positive things to say about the owner of the company, Steve Kamm, and his readiness to help with gear and logistics. Indeed, when we called Kamm (877-225-1203) to check some facts in Euard’s report, Kamm said he routinely helps would-be visitors select the right Forest Service cabin and then buy supplies once they arrive in Ketchikan. “We—my wife and I—help callers sort out where to stay and then what to buy or rent when they arrive,” he told us. “We always recommend a satellite phone. And an outboard motor really comes in handy on fishing trips.” As for the cost of his service, he said it varies with the length of the flight needed to get to the lake. He said around $1,300 was the median price for a flight with four persons and gear aboard.

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