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Correspondent Dave Engerbretson checked in this month with word of a terrific place to catch Kamloops trout up to 32 inches in length and 12 pounds in weight. The huge fish are available in a private catch and release lake in north central Washington, called Isaak Ranch Lake. The lake closes later this month and is already booked up anyway. The reason I mention it now is to give you the chance to get on the list for next spring before that period books up as well.

The lake is managed by guide George Cook to provide a high quality, catch and release fly fishing experience for a limited number of anglers. The lake is fished only three to four days a week and pressure is limited to no more than five rods a day. The cost is $150/day for guide and fishing. Don’t let the fact this is stillwater fishing turn you off. About 75 percent of the fishing is done by wading the shoreline and fishing the shelves and drop offs near the bank. You can often stalk individual rising fish.

You can get complete details from George Cook (*). Cook will recommend a place to stay, but you might want to consider Notaras Lodge (*) in nearby Soap Lake. Engerbretson says the accommodations and meals are "outstanding…and reasonable."

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