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In Africa, Agent Tom Spang of Gametrails Ltd. (*) tells me he is very excited about the trout fishing he has found in the highlands of Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia). He says there are some six rivers in the area that have mostly rainbows, though one has only browns in it. The fishing is entirely for wild fish and they do take dry flies. And there’s more ….

Spang said he is putting the finishing touches on a combo fishing package that will put trout fishing in the highlands together with tiger fishing in the Zambezi River and game viewing in the nearby game parks. Tiger fish are ferocious fighters that Spang says can be taken with fly or spin tackle. Best times are March/April and September/October. As I’ve mentioned before, you’ll need to watch for elephants on your backcast in this country. And don’t sleep along the river unless you know what you are doing.

One of the most intriguing elephant stories I’ve heard about Zimbabwe involves a group of game viewers who camped along the river one night and simply rolled their sleeping bags out on the ground. In the morning, they discovered that an entire herd of elephants had moved silently right through their camp. There were huge bucket sized prints between the individual sleeping bags! Imagine waking up while that was happening….!

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