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If you have been out and about recently in the world of guided fishing, you already know that more and more women are getting into the field. We’ve profiled several in the last few issues. This month, Special Correspondent Nancy Zakon came up with still another female guide who is well worth considering if you are headed toward the Grand Teton area around Jackson, Wyoming, this summer. She writes: "While the art of fly fishing has often been passed from father to son, let’s not overlook the fact that mothers and grandmothers also pass this sport down to women in the family. Such was the case with Kim Keely. She was taught to fly fish by her grandmother on their Wyoming ranch, and after she majored in biology at Colorado College, became a fishing guide.

"If you’re planning to fish in Wyoming this summer, you can look Keely up through Bressler Outfitters (*). She’s been with this company for four years, mostly conducting float trips down the Snake, the South Fork of the Snake, the Green, the New Fork, the Salt and the Teton rivers. Keely’s guide rates are $265 to $300 a day for one or two anglers. That includes all equipment, lunch and lots of good humor. Keely is very personable, as well as a good guide. She says just bring yourself, some rain gear and a good attitude.

"She has taken many couples fishing, incidentally, and passes on this advice, which may be most relevant to the female partner. First, she says, it’s important that you learn to fish from someone other than your spouse or boy friend. Also, when stopping to wade, she encourages one partner to wade upstream and one downstream. That way, both partners can progress at their own speed. And, finally, she insists that partners not give one another advice while she’s guiding them. ‘If there’s any advice to be given,’ she laughs, ‘I’ll give it!.’

Besides guiding for Bressler, Keely also guides for Reel Women Fly Fishing Adventures, the booking agency that specializes in fly fishing trips for women (see April, 1995 issue for more details); teaches at Orvis’ Women’s Only Fly Fishing Schools; and is on the Board of Trout Unlimited in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. For more information, you can contact Keely directly (*)."

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