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Here at The Angling Report, we occasionally come across books we think our subscribers will find interesting and useful. This past month, we received a copy of The Fisherman’s Guide to Zimbabwe, written by Kevin Walsh and Anthony Williams. The first 10 chapters deal with popular and common species of fish found in Zimbabwe, and another 10 detail selected fishing venues around this southern African country. In between are chapters that describe tackle, boating techniques and other fundamental basics unique to Zimbabwe fishing. Although this book is mostly oriented toward spin fishermen and reservoir fishing, it has an interesting and detailed chapter on trout, and one on the much-sought-after tigerfish. One important point it makes about trout fishing in Zimbabwe is the fact that it may be done only with artificial flies. A good contact for further advice on rods and flies, the book points out, is the National Trout Anglers Society (*). It is worth noting the book is conservation-minded overall and promotes the catch-and-release of sportfish. To order a copy, contact the Zimbabwe Fisherman Magazine (*). – Don Causey.

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