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Elsewhere in the world, we just received a fascinating note from Andrew Buckoke in Nairobi, Kenya (*). Continuing subscribers will remember Buckoke as the internationally recognized journalist/author who filed a where to go fishing in Kenya report for us a while back. Since then, Buckoke has formed a company called Finfoot Ltd. to offer fishing and game viewing tours in Kenya and elsewhere in East Africa. We don’t have any kind of track record on his company, but we do know Buckoke to be a competent, intelligent fellow. At any rate, we thought the following quote from a new brochure he sent us would interest some subscribers:

"Few people seem to know about the variety of fishing in Kenya and the variety of beautiful, genuinely remote places it can take you to. You can catch trout in sight of elephants and tropical glaciers on Mt. Kenya. You can catch black bass in Lake Naivasha with pelicans and fish eagles flying above, to the accompaniment of hippos grunting in the reeds. You can catch 100 pound Nile perch on Lake Victoria, whose shores are home to myriads of birds, or on Lake Turkana, where you might think you had strayed to another planet. You can catch sailfish, marlin, tuna and many other species on the deep, glowing blue of the Indian Ocean. And if you get bored with catching these fish in the normal way, you can cast a fly at them.

"What may strike you as amazing is that it is possible to do all of these things in just two weeks. I know that to be a fact because I personally have done them all. Now I’ve set up a company, Finfoot Ltd., to give a few other people the chance to do them, too. I personally guide each four person party, and I take no more than about six parties a year from mid September to mid March…."

What is the cost of all this? Buckoke pegs it at around $6,000 each for four people.

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