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Madeira Watershed: If you are looking for big numbers of fish as well as good size, this area south of Manaus, Brazil, offers lots of excitement. It’s entirely possible here to catch as many as 25 fish a day weighing up to 14 pounds or more. This area is quite primitive, but trip organizers have still managed to arrange comfortable accommodations either on a riverboat or, bankside, in first class campsites. To inquire about a trip, contact: Ballard’s Fishing Adventures (*); Trek International Safaris (*); or Frontiers (*).

Trombetas Watershed: One of the special delights of peacock bass fishing is the excitement that comes from encountering whole schools of these fish numbering a dozen or more, all of them in a mood to strike. The best place to find this kind of fishing for peacocks that average over 15 pounds is in lagoons off this watershed north of Manaus, Brazil. Unfortunately, no operator is currently working this area. Keep your eyes open, though. This area is too good to remain unfished for long. Larry Larsen.

(Don Causey Note: As regards Larry Larsen’s new book on peacocks, you can order it from Larsen’s Outdoor Publishing (*). Cost is $14.95 postpaid.)

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