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We are indebted to new correspondent, Ken Retallic, for word of some changes in fishing regulations at Yellowstone National Park (*). The major change is a relaxation of the catch-and-release restriction on rainbows on all but four fly fishing-only rivers, namely, the Madison, the Firehole, the Gibbon below Gibbon Falls and the Bechler. The new rainbow creel limit is two fish any size. The park has also upped protection of cutthroats, declaring them catch-and-release-only on virtually all park waters. There are various other changes, including a fee increase. It now costs $10 for a 10-day permit and $20 for a season permit. Be sure you get a complete set of park regulations before you fish this year, Retallic warns, as there are many other changes, large and small, affecting brown, brook and lake trout. You can count on hearing some grumbles about some of the changes, particularly the lower protection for rainbows. For the record, park officials say they made the changes to help keep various fish species in balance.

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